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As the corporate world is advancing day by day, the thought process of the corporate Human Resource Department is also becoming updated towards the employee benefits. The corporate Human Resource Department is now a days trying to serve the employees in such a way which is minimizing the employee's requirement of rushing to the HR department every time they are in need of - obtaining their payslip or need to get approval on their leave application etc. One such initiative is making a corporate web portal available for all the employees and giving every individual employee access to have an account onto that web portal.

What is all about Kmart employee’s account?

Similar initiative had also been taken by the corporate HR department of Kmart Corporation. They have made such corporate web portal available for every employee associated with the company and as soon as someone gets hired by the Kmart Corporation, he or she is granted access to This employee portal is one of the various perks that the employees of Kmart Corporation enjoy. Through this portal the employees can update their personal information as and when there is a change, they can get access to the corporate policy documents or code of conduct documents which they are supposed to read being an employee of the corporation, they can view and manage their work schedule, they can apply and get approval on their leave application online, they can view and download their payslip, they can subscribe to the various Medical and insurance benefits offered by the corporation for the employees and many more.

Today in this article we will offer you step by step guidance required for logging into which will prove to be really handy for all the Kmart Corporation employees. But before proceeding further let us first have a brief idea about the Kmart Corporation itself.

About Kmart Corporation:

Kmart Corporation is a publicly held big box Departmental Store chain of American origin. For those who are not accustomed with the word "big box" - this is kind of a retail establishment which is really large in size. Kmart does business in retail segment only. The parent company is Sears Holding Corporation that is Managing Kmart since 2005. The company found its roots to some 107 ago when in 1912 the S.S. Kresge Corporation was incorporated. Since then the name has been changed twice - once in 1962 when it became Kmart Store and subsequently in 1967 when it was finally renamed as Kmart Corporation or simply Kmart. It serves the area of all the 37 states in the United States of America and also Puerto Rico, the US virgin Island and Guam. At the peak of its business Kmart operated more than 2000 discount store and super Kmart centre until 2002 when the company was declared bankrupt. In the following year the company's management purchased Sears Holding Corporation and formed a new venture.

The company is headquartered at Hoffman Estate, Illinois, United States and as on Q2 of 2018 they are operating around 360 stores across the country. Kmart deals in clothing, shoes, linen, bedding, Jewellery and accessories, sporting goods and sports gears, health and beauty products, foods, toys, consumer electronics, pet products, hardware, automotive products and Home appliances.

Login guide to

You will agree with us that as an employee you would like to keep some information confidential related to your employment like your monthly paycheck, your work schedule or the benefits you get from your employer etc. and this purpose is very well served through such employee portal. We will now suggest you to follow the below mentioned steps one after another for accessing your employees account on

  • If you have already switched on your computer or laptop and connected it to a steady internet connection then please open your web browser and type in the URL section on the top portion of your browser.
  • The default page will be loaded in English and there is no option for changing your language of communication.
  • Since Kmart Corporation is held by Sears Holding Corporation, you will find their name on top of the login page.
  • Below the name of Sears holding corporation you will find to blank box meant for entering your enterprise/user ID and associated password.
  • The Enterprise/user ID is the same one that you used for accessing your online performance training account. Ideally you should have got this ID the moment you were hired by the Corporation but still if you have not yet received it then please contact your store manager or HR department.
  • Enter your Enterprise/user ID and password into the respective field and click on the login button. The system will now take you into your employee account where you can access to various kinds of confidential documents of the corporation, can update your personal information as and when there is a change, can subscribe to different types of Medical and insurance schemes offered by the corporation for their employees and many more things.

What if you are facing difficulties during your login?

While entering your login credentials please be mindful that the passwords are case sensitive. There is an exclusive link provided for the vendors to reset their login password but no such link is provided for the Associates or employees. So just in case if you have forgot your login password or need to reset it for any reason whatsoever, you can dial the contact support number at 1-866-562-7800 or 1-700-321-1040 for assistance.

Contact information:

Support number for assistance: 1-866-562-7800 or 1-700-321-1040

Support email for Associates:

Useful links:

Official website of Kmart:

Official website of Sears Holding:

Kmart employee login portal:


Should you require further clarity about the employee benefits of Kmart Corporation, you can visit the career section of Sears Holding Corporation and in addition you can also check up the job opportunities offered by Kmart. Since this article was Limited to providing guidance for logging into the employee account of Kmart Corporation, we should not elaborate further beyond the scope. We thank you for being with us and reading the article in full. We have tried to make it brief yet informative and we believe this will become very handy for all the employees of Kmart Corporation. We will be more than happy to receive a line of appreciation from you in the comments section below and request you to keep visiting our website regularly for such informative article.