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Getting your product sold through retail sales or channel sell is age-old business model in which the manufacturer is not always able to share a large chunk of profit with the seller. To avoid this inability and to share more profit percentage with the actual sellers, companies has introduced new business concept in industry - multi level marketing. Multi-level marketing companies sale their products either through consultants recruited by them (direct selling) or through online sales (company website). Multi-level marketing companies like Amway, 5linx, ACN, AdvoCare, Herbalife, Avon are very popular and generating very good sales revenue by doing business through direct selling. Scentsy is also another important name in multi-level marketing business.

Under the multi-level marketing business model used by Scentsy, all products of the company are sold through either Scentsy consultant (direct selling) or on the company website (online sell). The consultants receive a considerable amount of the sales-generated revenue as Commission and any existing consultant can also earn some extra bucks if he can recruit some new consultant under him. Because Scentsy doesn't have any retail store, the company provides an exclusive web platform (Scentsy workstation login) for supporting the consultant to grow the sales and in turn to grow the business.

Features of Scentsy workstation login:

  • Workstation Scentsy US ( provides a complete web platform that helps the consultants to manage their business.
  • You get the most updated and relevant news update about the company and products. If any product has gone out of stock or if there is a new promotional product launched in the market or if there is a new business policy update - you get everything on the news section.
  • Being a direct selling multi-level marketing consultant to get an exclusive section to place your Orders and track them also.
  • You can set your goals for sales target online and put your best foot forward to achieve them.
  • Scentsy workstation login provide one exclusive section to store and manage your customer records.
  • On the Scentsy workstation login home page you get updated notification if there is any new and upcoming training program going to be conducted so that you can immediately register for that.
  • Another section on the Scentsy workstation login is provided for the consultant to manage their team or network of new consultants that they have recruited under them.
  • Any multi-level marketing direct selling consultant would love to have a tool available to monitor his performance and incentives or earnings. This web platform provides you that also.
  • As a consultant whenever you require any service line help from the company, you can always reach them through your Scentsy workstation account support section.
  • You get an exclusive website designed by Scentsy which is meant for promoting your business and the interesting part is you can customize your business website through your Scentsy workstation login account.

Scentsy workstation login guide:

  • Visit the official
  • Enter your consultant ID and password into the respective spaces provided.
  • Your consultant ID is one unique ID number that you have received on joining Scentsy. Similarly you also have received your password.
  • Click on- Sign In

  • Enjoy the one-stop shop for managing your business, place your orders, purchase your business supplies and much more.

Scentsy workstation login password recovery:

  • Visit the official
  • Click on - I forgot my password
  • Enter your registered email address.
  • Click on - Continue
  • Your new password will be mailed to your registered email address.

About Scentsy:

  • The company sales scented products including warmer either through multi-level marketing business model or through online account that may be created by individuals who visit their website (
  • Scentsy was founded in 2003 by Kara Egan and was later purchased by Orville Thompson who is the present owner of the company.
  • On joining Scentsy any new consultant receives 20% discount on all the personal retail volume (PRV).
  • As soon as the consultant reaches 1000 point mark, he becomes eligible to receive an additional 5% discount (certified consultant) on all the PRV taking the total discount to 25%.
  • Scentsy is on the Forbes America's best mid-sized employer's list.

Scentsy customer service:

  • By Mail: P.O. Box 1335, Meridian, ID 83680
  • Consultant Support (Toll Free): 877-855-0617
  • Corporate Office (Toll Free): 877-895-4160
  • Email:


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