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After doing successful business for more than 15 years, sears Holdings Corporation had filed bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and finally sold its substantial assets to Transform Holdco LLC. But that does not necessarily mean that the employees of Sears Holding Corporation will be deprived from receiving the benefits that they were getting earlier. www.88sears.com is the one stop digital platform for all the employees of Sears Holding Corporation for getting access to the company provided benefits, getting the knowhow of savings plan information and pension plan information, enrollment to benefits provided by Sears Holding Corporation as well as enrollment to benefits provided by Transform Holdco LLC, access to state tax forms and lot many other things.

Features and benefits of 88sears employee login:

  • Enrollment benefits:

Employees of Sears Holdings can directly register for company provided benefits through this login portal. From insurance benefits to dental plans to various other health benefits, employees of Sears holding can easily register for available benefits by logging into their www.88sears.com account.

  • Access to Sears holding savings plan:

88sears employee login portal allows every employee to arrange savings for their future. The Sears Holdings 401 program gives every employee a chance to plan their retirement savings.

  • Getting latest updates:

www.88sears.com displays new updates and news about the corporation so that the employees does not need to waste time searching for what is happening new around the company. These news and updates are automatically fed to the Sears Holdings employees.

  • New notices:

If there is any new job opportunity available which the existing employee of Sears holding can apply for themselves or even can refer some deserving candidate through the employee referral program, they will get to know it through their 88sears employee login account. The employee will receive notice about every single new updates that is going around Sears Holdings - be it about new job opportunities or new health benefit or new insurance plan.

  • Checking contacts of colleagues:

www.88sears.com facilitates the user with a contact section that provides contact coordinates of other employees of Sears holding. This facility allows any particular employee to contact other employees of Sears holding whom he intend to reach without wasting much time.

  • Newsletter:

The uses of www.88sears.com would not be bombarded with typical newsletters full of anything and everything as Sears holding will send you handpicked top stories which are relevant to you only.

  • 24/7 online service:

www.88sears.com employee login portal can be accessed anytime from anywhere. All you need to have is an Internet connection and a smart device (smartphone or laptop or Tablet). Sears customer service can also be accessed from this employee login web portal.

88sears employee login guide:

  • The 88sears employee login portal is reserved for administrator and employees of Sears Holdings.
  • You are not required to register for creating your login credential.
  • For login into www.88sears.com, you require two things - your enterprise ID and your password.
  • Every employee of Sears Holdings receive one enterprise ID (unique ID) on joining the cooperation and your 88sears employee login portal password will be provided to you by your manager.
  • Once you know your enterprise ID and login password, visit the official 88sears employee login portal (www.88sears.com/login)
  • Enter your login credential into the space provided.

  • Click on - Login
  • Enjoy the flexibility of accessing company provided benefits within a few clicks of your mouse.

88sears employee login password reset:

  • Visit the official login page www.88sears.com/login
  • Click on the reset password link.
  • Provide your enterprise ID.
  • Create your new password.

Sears customer service:

  • By call: (847) 286-2500
  • By mail: Sears Holdings Corporation, 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179