www.aflac.com - How To Login MyAflac

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www.aflac.com - How To Login MyAflac

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Providing online platform for managing a large workforce is an effective idea that offers the employee convenience for managing his schedule, for obtaining leave approvals, for availing company provided benefits etc. But if the company operates in service sector and want to give comfort and convenience to its consumers including the employees then it is very much logical to provide digital platform for every type of consumer - individual service taker, large service consumer such as business houses, third party brokers and Agents etc.

What is myaflac login all about?

Similar kind of online digital platform has been provided by Aflac Inc in their official website www.aflac.com. There is separate provision of login for individuals, business houses, brokers and Agents. Each category of online account has a different purpose and does they contain different features. While the online account meant for individuals and business houses are more oriented towards facilitating the consumers with features so that they can choose the right product for themselves, pay the premium online, keep a track on the next payment schedule, generate the premium paid Certificate online, file a claim and keep a track on the updated status of the filed claim; on the other hand more Emphasis has been given to sale of products for the login platform for brokers and Agents. The brokers and Agents can see their annual sale targets, file claims on behalf of their clients, pay premium online on behalf of their clients etc.

About Aflac:

American Family Life Assurance Company or Aflac Inc is an American Insurance Company based in Columbus, Georgia. The company was founded in the year 1955 by John Amos, Paul Amos and Bill Amos. It is the largest insurance provider in the entire United States of America. Apart from being the largest insurance provider of America Aflac also operates throughout Japan. The product of the company is supplemental health and life insurance and with more than $29 billion revenue and a strong workforce consisting 10,000 employees Aflac has a very strong customer base. They offer accidental insurance, dental insurance, cancer insurance, short term disability insurance, vision insurance, life Insurance, hospital insurance and critical illness insurance. Quite often we find a common categorical complain from the consumers about the insurance provider making delay in processing there claim and thereby causing inconvenience to the consumer. But the ethically motivated and strong workforce of Aflac makes sure that the consumer receives his claim amount as early as possible and without any harassment. This practice has made Aflac the number one insurance provider in the United States of America and first choice of American citizen whenever they think of taking insurance.

Different categories of online account offered by Aflac:

  • Individual account - this is suitable for all those individuals who prefer to take self-service. Through this account an individual can buy any insurance suitable for his requirement, can pay his insurance premium online, can keep a track on the next payment schedule etc.
  • Business owners account - this account is suitable for those business owners who are looking for suitable group insurance policies for their employees. Here also categorically similar activities can be performed like an individual account. Group insurance policies can be bought, insurance premium can be paid online, premium paid certificate can be downloaded, next payment schedule can be tracked, online claim can be filed for employees of the business owners etc.
  • Broker account - this is a third party account meant for individual professional or business organization who wants to be associated with Aflac as a broker.
  • Agent account - agents are the extended workforce of the company who sells the company products in lieu of commission or percentage. Therefore this account is provided with more emphasis on agent's annual sales target and sales achievement. But the agents can also file claim or pay premium online on behalf of their clients.

How to login to Myaflac.com?

Depending on which category you fall in, you will be given a particular type of myaflac.com sign in account. The categories have already been elaborated in the section above. But whichever category you fall into, for logging into your online account you will be requiring and user id and a login password. If you are a first time user then you need to register Yourself by providing your policy number. So to summarize

  • Make sure that your computer or laptop is in a good working condition and it is connected with a steady internet connection.
  • Open the web browser and visit the official website of Aflac at www.aflac.com

  • On top right corner of the page you will find login/register option provided as a drop down menu.
  • Click on that drop down menu and select the category suitable for you.
  • Enter your user id and login password in to the respective fields.
  • Click on the login button and you will be taken into your online account wherein you can perform a wide variety of activities.

What if you forget your login credentials?

Living in a digital age we access so many different websites regularly for making our daily life more convenient and as a result we have to remember a big set of user id and passwords. It is quite natural that some of the user ID or password we may forget sometimes and therefore we look for the option of recovering our login credentials through appropriate link. www.login.aflac.com/Help also provides link for recovering your forgotten user id and password.

  • For recovering your forgotten user ID you will be requiring to provide your registered email address or policy number.
  • For retrieving your password you will be requiring to provide your user ID in the respective field and then click on the submit button.


You may contact their customer support number at 800 992 3522


You can write to them at this address

1932 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA, 31999

Useful links:

Official website of Aflac: www.aflac.com

Myaflac login help: www.login.aflac.com/Help


Logging into your myaflac online account is really very easy and you can do it within a few steps only. Moreover if you do face any problem during your login, you can always refer to the help section by visiting the appropriate link provided above. We believe this informative article will be really very helpful for all those individuals and business owners and brokers and Agents for accessing there respectively assigned online account and do a variety of activities online at the comfort of their living room. Please keep visiting our website regularly for such informative and interesting article.