www.cheetoscheesyball.com - Find The Cheetos Mega Cheesy Shape To Win $10k


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www.cheetoscheesyball.com - Find The Cheetos Mega Cheesy Shape To Win $10k


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How about winning $10,000 as a Grand prize while treating your taste bud with some healthy crunchy snacks? Sounds interesting? Definitely it should be. Anyone who has ever picked up a packet of Cheetos must have remembered it because of two main reasons. The first one being for its delicious test and obviously the second one is for it's very odd shape. Now just imagine if you are asked to match that odd shape of Cheetos crunchy snacks to become a lucky winner of "CHEETOS® MEGA CHEESY BALL" promotion, would you really feel awkward or it would be a fun game to you? We guess it would surely be fun for you, more so when the Grand prize can give you a hefty sum and you would be more interested in having Cheetos healthy crunchy snacks. So, enjoy the low carb crunchy snacks and play the game at www.cheetoscheesyball.com.

Who are eligible to take part in CHEETOS® MEGA CHEESY BALL Promotion?

  • The promotion is open to every legal residents of all 50 states in the US (including District of Columbia and Puerto Rico).
  • Every entrant must reach the age of majority as may be applicable in the state where he or she is presently residing (18 years or more).
  • Employees, contractors, directors and officers of Frito-Lay, Inc., its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, distributors, Web design, advertising, and promotion agencies and their immediate family members are not entitled to participate in this promotion.

CHEETOS® MEGA CHEESY BALL Promotion at a glance:

  • The promotion has began on 21st April 2019 and will end on 15th June 2019.
  • The entire promotion has been divided into 8 parts and each part will be considered as a separate game which will be played in eight (8) different weeks.
  • The participants can take part in the promotion either by buying a Cheetos packet or even without purchasing anything.
  • The contest will award a Grand prize amounting to $10,000 which will either be awarded in the form of a cheque or will be transferred through wire transfer.
  • The promotion has a limit of 10 number of entries per person per email per day.

How to launch CHEETOS® MEGA CHEESY BALL Promotion and play the game?

  • During the promotional period you need to buy a pack of Cheetos snacks and find out the shapes that you get inside the pack.
  • Now visit the official web page of the promotion www.cheetoscheesyball.com
  • If you want to satisfy yourself by checking the official rule of the promotion, you can do so by clicking the appropriate link provided at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Look at the middle section of the promotional web page and we will find the featured shape that has been posted by the sponsor for that particular week.
  • If the featured shape posted by the sponsor matches the shape that you have got inside the pack you bought, you become one of those potential entrants.
  • Just key in your email address in the space provided to begin your participation.
  • Remember that just by posting the photo of the shape that you have got in your packet, your participation will not be completed; you need to write a description about the shape within 140 characters.
  • The photo of the shape that you upload must be in .jpeg or .png format and within 5 MB size.
  • The game will change on every Wednesday within the promotional period (don't lose hope if you have not own in a week) which means you can try your luck quite a few times.
  • If you have not got any pack of Cheetos healthy crunchy snacks you can still enter into the promotion (link has been provided below the email field).

  • Save the actual Cheetos shape (photos of which you are uploading for submitting your participation) because you may be required to send the actual shape of Cheetos that you have got for verification by the sponsor.


  • Eight (8) Entry Period Prizes will be awarded for the Promotion, one (1) per Entry Period.
  • Each winner will receive $10,000, awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer payable to winner.
  • Any request, for knowing the winners name, must be sent to 10 South 5th St., 7th Floor, Dept. 881-771, Minneapolis, MN 55402 within 15th July 2019.

CHEETOS® MEGA CHEESY BALL Promotion sponsor:

Frito-Lay, Inc.

7701 Legacy Drive,

Plano, TX 75024-4099

Reference link: