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www.heartland.bank - Online Account Login Guide

Living in a digital age everyone wants to enjoy the convenience of internet. Be it availing the benefits of online employee engagement portal or choosing the right insurance policy online or accessing your bank account through the online internet banking login portal, it is always convenient and time saving also. Heartland Bank, being a Nationalized and new age Bank of New Zealand, also offers and online platform for the customers to login to their account without compromising on the security aspect. In this article I will be guiding you through the process of registration for online access of your account held in heartland bank and also the process of logging into your account online.

About heartland bank:

Heartland bank is one of the most sought after banks of New Zealand that came into existence in the year 2011 as a result of merger of four financial organizations. The following year (2012) they got banking registration from the Reserve Bank Of New Zealand. Their head office is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Heartland Bank deals in Reverse mortgage, auto loan, deposits, small business Finance, investments, savings and livestock Finance.

Heartland Bank online enrollment guide:

  • If you are a first time user who has already opened an account with heartland bank but have never used the online platform before, then you need to get registered first.
  • Make your setup ready (laptop or computer and a steady internet connection).
  • Open your browser and visit the official web page of heartland bank.
  • Click the Enroll link on that page to start the enrollment process.

  • During the online banking enrollment process the bank will ask for your social security number, your heartland bank account number and your email address that is registered in bank's file.
  • If you are not very confident with online enrollment, you can visit any of the heartland bank's nearest branch to see a Banker who will help you with the enrollment process.
  • If you are enrolling yourself for business banking then you need to fill up the business banking form and drop it to your nearest heartland bank branch.
  • Call 888-897-2276 to enroll over the phone or if you need help with your online enrollment.

Heartland Bank online login guide:

  • Once you are done with the online enrollment process, you are now ready to log into your account online and manage your account within a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Visit the secure login page of heartland Bank online banking.
  • Scroll down the page and provide your heartland bank online ID.

  • Click on Submit and follow the online instructions.

Heartland Bank online banking password reset:

  • From the Online Banking login page, enter your Heartland Bank Online ID, select Submit.
  • On the following page, select Forgot Password located directly underneath the Heartland Bank Online Password field.
  • On the Password Page Self Reset page you will be asked to enter your Heartland Bank Online ID and Email address to verify your identity.
  • You will also be asked to enter an Email Subject that will be included in the subject line of the email that the bank will send you.
  • After entering this information, click the Submit button.
  • Within minutes of verifying your identity, you will receive an e-mail from the bank providing a Password Reset link. The link will be valid for 2 hours.
  • Select the link and enter your Heartland Bank Online ID and the Answer to your Password Reset Security Question.
  • On the next screen enter your new Password and Re-enter your new password.

Heartland Bank Customer Service:

  • Phone: (800) 697-0049
  • E-mail: info@heartland.bank


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