​www.myfordbenefits.com - Login to Ford Benefit Portal

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​www.myfordbenefits.com - Login to Ford Benefit Portal

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Employees are the backbone of any successful organization so far as productivity is concerned. Among all the resources that an organization possesses, human resource is the most valued one which should be groomed, nurtured and treated very carefully to make them feel good while being with their employer. If the employees or human resource is not happy with the way they are treated in an organization then the productivity is surely going to be hampered either in the form of production volume decrease or in the form of defective quality issues related to the product. To make the human resource happy different business houses takes different initiatives. A considerable part of the revenue is set aside and earmarked for employee welfare. Employee welfare can be done in various ways - it can be availing loans or financial assistance at a cheaper rate of interest, it can be also a lump sum amount insured for medical insurance purpose of the employee, it can also be developing some residential Apartments by the employer and selling them to the Employees at a considerable lower rate etc.

About the portal and the benefits:

By reading the first paragraph you must have understood by now that today we are not talking about any kind of survey or lucky draw or sweepstakes. Rather in this article today we will be discussing about the process and requirements of logging into www.myfordbenefits.com portal which is designed and meant for employees of the Ford motor company. Like other good organisations, ford motor company also has a well-defined policy of expending a certain percentage of the revenue for employee welfare. If you are an employee of the Ford motor company you can avail all the benefits offered by the company for its employees through this www.myfordbenefits.com portal. You have to login to the portal by using a user ID and PIN and only then you will get to see all the different benefits which are being offered by the Ford motor company for the Welfare and well-being of its employees.

If you are planning to enroll yourself for the benefits being offered by the Ford motor company, you should read the rules meticulously before doing so. The rules will be telling you about the eligibility criteria. Apart from being eligible you should also keep in mind that you may need to pay some amount annually for availing those benefits offered by Ford motor company for its employees. Therefore, before enrolling yourself for availing those benefits you should be clear to yourself that what are you going to receive and against how much amount.

Once you understand very clearly that what you can get for the cost you pay, you can decide on a suitable list of benefits that you want to avail for you as well as for your family members for the forthcoming years. Once you decide on the list of benefits that you want to avail, those become fixed for the next one year unless you are asked again to give your confirmation on the list of intended benefits prior to the start of the next year. If you want to add some benefits in your intended list or discard some of them from your existing list of benefits, you can do so at the start of every year by logging into your www.myfordbenefits.com portal account. If you do not make any change in your existing list then you will continue to receive those benefits which you were getting during the previous year. If you are a married person then you might also want to discuss with your spouse before arriving on any decision.

You can make good use of the annual enrollment checklist for deciding on the benefits that you might want to revise depending upon the changing requirements of your family. There are a host of variety of personal insurance and family protection coverage programs which you can go through in detail one by one and then you can decide on the benefits and that will suit your family's financial, health and Wellness goals. You can go through the voluntary benefits program to choose the options that suits you most. The payable dues and premiums, for availing those company provided benefits, are always deducted from your payroll and as an employee you do not have to take the pain of remembering the due date for payment.

Some very important points about the myfordbenefits portal:

  • If you are an employee of the Ford motor company then you are eligible for availing those benefits offered by the company for its employees through this portal.
  • For availing the benefits or revising your intended list of benefits for the forthcoming year you are required to login to www.myfordbenefits.com portal.
  • For logging into the bottle you will be requiring your user Id and associated PIN.
  • For those who are going to use this portal for the first time, your social security number is your initial default user ID.

  • Your date of birth (in mmddyy format) is your initial default PIN.
  • Once you login to the portal by using your default user id and pin, you need to change them.
  • You are suggested to keep your user id and pin very confidential because whatever transactions you want to do through your online dashboard of this portal (given that the transaction is permitted), you will be requiring your user id and pin. So you must keep them in a safe place to avoid any potential misuse.
  • During the initial login you are required to register into the portal. During this period you will be prompted to enter a security question and associated answer and also to enter your email address which is in use presently. If you ever forget your user ID or pin and need to reset them then the system will send reset link to your registered email address only.
  • If you are facing any trouble during login or seek any clarifications then you can call the National Employee Services Centre at 1-800-248-4444. The help service is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (eastern time), Monday through Friday, except on the New York stock exchange holidays.
  • If you forget your user ID and want to reset it or retrieve it then you need to click on the " forgot my user ID" link provided beside the user ID field. Once you click that link you will be redirected to another page wherein you are required to enter your registered email address that you had provided during your initial login and a reset link will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Similarly if you forget your login pin you can reset or retrieve it by clicking on the link provided beside the user ID field. Once you click on the link (where it is written " forgot my pin") you will be taken to another page where the system will ask you to put in your user ID for authentication. After authenticating your user ID you can retrieve or reset your login pin also.

About the Ford motor company:

Ford motor company is a publicly held American multinational auto maker headquartered in Michigan. The company was founded in the year 1903 by the legendary Henry Ford. So it is almost 115 years that Ford motor company is into the market fulfilling requirements of different segments of customers. The company sales commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford motor was the first company to introduce methods for large scale manufacturing of cars and large scale management of an industrial work force by moving assembly lines in the year 1914 which was known Around The World by the name of fordism. Ford motor is the second largest automaker in the United States of America after General Motors and fifth largest in the world in terms of volume of vehicles produced annually.