www.myhtspace.com - how to gain access to Harris Teeter employee benefit portal?

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www.myhtspace.com - how to gain access to Harris Teeter employee benefit portal?

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If you are into a job, what do you expect from your employer? You expect good salary, attractive office space, healthy work environment, good perks and benefits, so on and so forth that you may keep on listing but the baseline is - you take care of the company and in turn the company takes care of you. This is as simple as that and there is nothing more nothing less.

Having said this, it is really very difficult sometimes for the big corporate houses to take care of a workforce that is really huge in size and it becomes more difficult for specially those corporations who are into Retail Industry. Because the Retail Industry demands the word force to be customer centric which means that your staff members will hardly get any time off when there on duty inside the retail store outlet and if they have to run to the HR manager every now and then for inquiring about company provided benefits etc. then it is surely going to affect your productivity.

To eliminate such chances that may downgrade efficiency, Harris Teeter supermarket chain has provided their employees with a full-fledged digital platform meant for listing out all the company provided benefits and the employees can access their individual online account to do a lot of activities that include - managing work schedule, applying for leave, taking time off, subscribing insurance plans and health benefit etc.

Major benefits provided by Harris Teeter to their employees:

  • With 260 store locations and 30,000 number of employees, Harris Teeter is a big name in American Retail Industry.
  • The primary motivation of any job is it a good salary and Harris Teeter does pay a very good salary to their employees.
  • Apart from paying a good salary, Harris Teeter provides opportunity to their employees to participate in an attractive incentive program that include -
    • Employee Self Life Insurance
    • Dependent Life Insurance
    • Supplemental Life Insurance
    • Subscription to medical plan (401k)
    • Dental and Vision plan coverage
  • Beside this, Harris Teeter also provide whole life insurance, critical illness insurance and accidental insurance.
  • Other than getting benefits of various types of insurance and medical plans, Harris Teeter employees also get short term and long term disability benefits, legal assistance from a network of legal practitioners, retirement and savings plans, educational assistance etc.

How to register for www.myhtspace.com ?

Make your set up ready and get connected to internet.

Now open your browser and visit the official Harris Teeter employee benefit website.

The default page will be loaded in English; if you are a first-time user click on the Register button (placed on the right side of the login panel)

The registration has four steps - at first you have to identify yourself by providing your social security number and date of birth;

Then you need to create your online profile by providing your personal details and your company key. If you don't already have your company key, please contact your benefit administrator. During the course of online profile creation, you would need to create your login ID and password.

Post that, the system will ask for confirmation on whatever information have been provided by you and it will display everything on your screen.

Once you confirm, it will take you to the fourth step which is login. You can login to your Harris Teeter online benefits account by using your login ID and password that you have just created.

How to recover your www.myhtspace.com login ID and password?

  • On the secure login page, below the login panel, a link has been provided that is meant for recovering lost login credential (Forgot Username Or Password?).
  • Hit the link and it will take you to the next page where you need to provide your - company key provided by your benefit administrator, social security number and date of birth. These information are required to ensure that you already have an account into the system.
  • Post that, click on the Continue button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you are facing any problem, you can give them a call at 704-844-HR4U or 888-590-8859.

Harris Teeter customer service:

  • Toll free number: 1-800-432-6111


The benefit solver online account gives an opportunity to the Harris Teeter employees - to get their paycheck online (they can view and download), to manage their work schedule, to take time off, to apply for leave and get approval on it, to subscribe for health benefits plans, savings and retirement plans and many other company provided benefits that keeps the employees attracted towards Harris Teeter always. This employee benefit portal eliminates the requirement of running to the HR manager every now and then and the employees can focus on the customers really well which in turn enhances the company's productivity. Therefore, this is a very good effort by Harris Teeter.

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