www.mywawavisit.com - Take Wawa Survey And Win $250 Gift Card

Stores and Shopping Survey

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www.mywawavisit.com - Take Wawa Survey And Win $250 Gift Card

Stores and Shopping Survey

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For those friends of ours who live along the east coast of the United States of America, more specifically in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and Florida, there is a very attractive customer feedback survey taking round in the market which we have brought today in your knowledge. Being a citizen of united States of America we have become so conversant with convenience store and departmental store that we cannot even think about our life to be going in is straight way without those stores. Right from vegetables to cook foods to home decor to Home Furnishing to breweries to gasoline product, these stores have become an integral part of our daily life. Today we are going to discuss with you about the online customer satisfaction feedback survey which is being conducted by the Wawa company. We will discuss it threadbare by letting you know even the minutest details of the survey, the basic requirements which you need to fulfill for taking part in the survey, the step by step guidance for you to complete the survey in the smoothest way possible and the reward you can win on completion of this survey. Not only this, we will also provide you the important reference links at the end of this article. So, please read the article in full and then start your action by clicking on the link provided below.

What is the mywawavisit survey all about?

This customer satisfaction feedback survey is being conducted by the Wawa company of Pennsylvania, US. We presume that our readers already have more or less sketchy idea about the Wawa Company and the variety of business segment that they serve. The official survey link can be found at www.mywawavisit.com. Giving the changing requirements of the new age customers, it is really a kind of a daunting task to make the customers happy for every organisation who are either selling products through convenience store or into the service business. While this is true, on the other hand the companies cannot let the customers skip visits to their store when it comes to the question of survival of the organization. They know very well that the changing moods of the new age customers swings very frequently and if you are not treating them well either by providing discount or by selling value-for-money product or even by offering some freebies then the next day they will not turn back to your stores anymore. For these very reasons Wawa Company is also conducting an online customer satisfaction feedback survey through which they want to know what it takes to bring smile on their happy customers years after years and we find this is the best opportunity for you to let the management know how about your personal experience during your last visit to any of the Wawa store. On top of that the best part of this survey is, the time you would spent for completing it will not be going into waste as you will certainly get a chance to be rewarded.

About the Wawa Company:

We are pretty sure that many of you already have a fair knowledge about the Wawa company. Therefore in this section we will try to depict only a brief outline about Wawa to keep it coin sized to the extent possible. The wawa company finds its origin way back in the year 1803 when it started as a mere iron Foundry in New Jersey. After few years the company diversified it's business by venturing into dairy products as the founder George Wood started taking interest into Dairy farming. Since then the company has evolved in many ways and also has gone through various ups and downs but it has never compromised on the quality of products that it sells. The company has a variety of items in their basket. They sell prepared food like a classic hoagie ideal for your breakfast; sizzli breakfast sandwich; ham, egg white and cheese on a multigrain muffin, ready to go salads and wraps made out of fresh ingredients, chicken soup, broccoli soup, tomato soup, mashed potatoes and verities of Meatballs, hearty chicken strips, freshly cut fruits, mini meals and snacks, Wawa ice cream, Wawa milk, bottled beverages, cold beverages, fresh coffee and gasoline products. The company operates along the east coast of the United states. It has more than 800 operating stores in Pennsylvania, new Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Florida. The company's corporate headquarters is located in Pennsylvania, greater Philadelphia where it is the largest convenience store. Wawa does not have limited business hours and they are normally open for 24x7. If you want to look for your nearest WaWa store then you need to visit their official website and try the store locator service.

The rules to be followed for Wawa customer satisfaction survey:

Like every other customer satisfaction sweepstakes this online survey also has a very well defined set of rules which as a participant one need to know before you start answering the survey questions. Once you go through the set of rules thoroughly, it will become clear in your mind whether you are eligible to take up the survey or not. Therefore let's read the sweepstakes rules one by one.

  • Any kind of purchase or payment is not required for winning this sweepstakes.
  • The sweepstakes is open for legal citizens of all the 50 States of united States of America including District of Columbia.
  • To become eligible for participation a person need to be of 18 years of age or more.
  • The employees and Associates of Wawa Inc and its sponsor, advertiser, promotional agencies, affiliates along with their spouse, parents and family members are not entitled to take part in this sweepstakes.
  • Wawa's voice of customer survey sweepstakes begins on 1st December 2018 and continues till 28th February 2019 midnight.
  • To be able to participate in this sweepstakes you need to have your survey code provided by Wawa store. This survey code you will find printed of your recent receipt of Wawa store. Also you will find the store number printed on the same receipt.
  • Only one survey entry is allowed for each survey code. More than one entry is restricted to limit the number of irrelevant entries.
  • You will also be asked to provide your name, address, email address, ZIP code and phone number.
  • You will get two options for language - English and Spanish. You must be proficient in either of the two.

The prize you can win on completion of this sweepstakes:

  • One winner chosen from all eligible entries will receive the grand prize which is a $500 Wawa gift card along with the Box off Wawa merchandise valued at around $75.
  • 5 winner, chosen from all eligible entries, will receive the first Prize which is a $25 Wawa gift card and a gift basket of Wawa merchandise valued at approximately $75.
  • Wieners will be notified by telephone or email or postal mail which would be decided at the sole discretion of the sponsor.

Step by step guidance for completing the Wawa customer satisfaction survey:

Up to this point we have given you a fair and clear idea about the survey, the company- Wawa Inc who are conducting this sweepstakes, the details of survey rules and also the prizes that you can win on completion of the survey. So now we think you are thoroughly guided and prepared enough. Let us also now guide you through the step by step process for progressing with the sweepstakes and ultimately to complete it. All you need to do is without shifting your focus simply follow the steps bellow one after another.

  • Though in the requirements section we have not mentioned about requirement of a computer or a laptop or a tablet device but we presume that you already have it. So now let us first switch on your device.
  • Connect your computer or tablet or laptop with a steady internet connection.
  • Open your browser and visit the official survey link by typing the address www.mywawavisit.com in the URL section of your browser.

  • The default welcome page will load in English. If you are not conversant in English you can choose spanish as your preferred language for which link is provided below the start button.
  • On the welcome page you will find 2 fields - one for entering the store number that you had visited recently and the other is for entering your survey code which you will find printed on your recent receipt of Wawa store. Enter those information into the respective fields and click on the start button.
  • The actual survey questions will start appearing on your screen who is you need to answer as par your own experience during your last visit to Wawa store. At some places you are required to give your ratings and at few places you will be asked to write your opinions.
  • While responding to the sweepstakes questionnaire please be mindful about one thing that whatever you say to this responses are going to be taken very seriously by the management of the company. Because the main intention of the company is to find out the changing requirements of the new age customers.
  • On completion of the survey you'll be asked to provide your name, mailing address, email address and phone number so that if you are one of the lucky winners then the company can reach you easily.

Sponsor address:

Wawa Inc.

260 W. Baltimore Pike

Media, PA, 19063

Helpline contact:

If you face any difficulty while taking up the survey you can call the number

1 (800) 444-9292

Useful links:

Official website of Wawa Inc: www.wawa.com

Wawa customer feedback survey link: www.mywawavisit.com

Sweepstakes Rules: www.mywawavisit.com/PContent


Many a times we think of not spending any time for giving our feedback to any product seller or service provider because we consider that time to be going into waste. But unless we share our experience with the product seller or service provider they don't get to know how well they are doing their job or if at all they need some improvement. Therefore being a responsible consumer it is our duty also to point out the area where the company need to work hard for delivering better facilities or better products tomorrow. That is why we strongly suggest you to hit the survey link, give your ratings and opinions and grab the opportunity to become a lucky winner.

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