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www.mywegmansconnect.com - how to gain access to employee benefits portal of Wegmans Supermarket?

Ever since the Forbes magazine has started publishing the list of 100 best companies to work for in the United States, Wegmans supermarket has always found a spot on the top of it. With 49,000 strong workforces and 101 locations across the United States, Wegmans supermarket is truly one of the best company to work for because they prioritize employee benefits before anything else. Having said this you should also have genuine passion to excel in the retail market.

All of you will agree with me that 49000 is not a small figure and managing such a huge workforce on daily basis is not so easy. Of course, the HR managers will be there to facilitate and take care of the Frontline workforce but at the same time the employees will have to run every now and then to their HR manager for every sort of queries they may have. This will definitely affect the productivity of the company because the employees would spend a considerable time of their scheduled 8 hours’ job with their HR manager. To eliminate this issue, Wegmans supermarket has provided with a digital platform where every employee of the company can log into the individual web account to see and avail all the company provided benefits.

Major things that can be done through www.mywegmansconnect.com :

  • An employee can get to see his payment schedule and can also download his paycheck.
  • If an employee wants to take some time off, we can put application online through this portal.
  • Employees can see the different types of health benefits provided by the company and then can also subscribe online.
  • If you have accrued sufficient amount of paid leave and now you want to avail it, you can place your application online through this web portal and also get approval on it.
  • This employee portal is also meant for providing financial help to the Employees.
  • The separate news section provides every updated news about the company so that the employees can remain informed about what is happening around in the market.
  • If you have Recently changed your address and you need to update it in your company database, you can do so by updating your profile online through this employee portal.
  • Other benefits that you can get - life Insurance protecting yourself along with your family, scholarships, dental and vision plan coverage, timely bonus plan, retirement and savings plan (401k)

How to gain access to www.mywegmansconnect.com ?

  • Wegmans supermarket use Microsoft program for allowing their employees to access individual web account.
  • Get your computer connected to internet and open your browser.
  • Now, visit the official website www.mywegmansconnect.com ; you will be redirected to a Microsoft page but don't get confused as I have already told you that Wegmans supermarket use Microsoft program for individual employee account access.
  • Enter your official email ID (yourusername@wegmans.com) and click on - Next

  • On the next page enter your password into the space provided and click on - Sign In
  • Now very obvious question is, where do you get your username and password from? Your HR manager will provide you that. So, even if you are a first-time user of this online employee account portal, you don't have to register because there is no option for registration and you will get your login credentials for the first time from your HR manager only.

How do I retrieve my user id and password required for www.mywegmansconnect.com ?

  • On the secure login page, you will get a link that displays - can't access your account?
  • Click on that link and you will be redirected to another page where you need to choose the type of your account - work or school account / personal account (in this case you should select work or school account)
  • On the next page, enter your user ID (which is the official mail ID), enter the captcha code and click on - Next
  • Post that you will receive an email containing your login information which you can use to login to your online employee benefit account.

Wegmans Customer Service:

  • Toll Free No: 1-800-934-6267
  • Instacart Support Center: (415) 423-1599


Wegmans employee benefit portal is a digital platform made available by the company which is meant for the employees to access their individual online account where the company provided benefits are listed out and employees can opt for enrolling themselves into various plans like life Insurance plan, Dental and Vision care plan etc.

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