www.papasurvey.com - Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey To Get Free Coupon


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www.papasurvey.com - Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey To Get Free Coupon


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Imagine that it's weekend; you are watching TV sitting at the comfort of your living room; your favorite team in NBA has a match going on and to increase your happiness manifold you are served with a hot pizza; the crust is neither too thick nor too thin; stuffed with fresh onion, garlic, tomato and meat; to make it more delicious some extra cheese is added in the toppings and baked at high temperature; served hot before you. Now just think of this scenario once and we know for sure how happy and delighted you will be. Instead of getting a baked pizza delivered at your place you can definitely think of take and Bake option if you really like it hot on the table. Now the moment you think of take and Bake option there is no better choice than Papa Murphy's in the entire United States of America.

About the Papa Murphy's survey | www.papasurvey.com :

Papa Murphy's is conducting an online customer satisfaction survey which can be located at www.papasurvey.com . This online customer satisfaction survey is being conducted with the aim to get feedback on the food products sold and services rendered by the restaurant chain throughout the United States and Canada. Since last more than 22 years papa Murphy's is putting its best effort to convert every guest, who visit their restaurant, into a happy customer and to bring smile on their face. But as we all know, no organization is ever perfect in their services, papa Murphy's is also not an exception. That means they also definitely have some areas for improvement which they want to hear from you directly. While visiting the restaurant sometimes you may have found the approach of their stuffs not to be acceptable. On the other hand some friend of yours may have found the price to be little expensive. Some other time you may also have not liked their taste - the reason maybe many. For venting out all those negative feelings of yours and millions of other customers like you, papa Murphy's is giving this opportunity to speak your heart out through their online guest satisfaction survey which you could locate at www.papasurvey.com . Though this survey is intended to find out the areas of development where the company need to work hard, that does not mean that you could not be sharing your positive experience too and the best part is you don't have to spend your time free of cost because this survey will fetch you a reward also. The reward part of it will be discussed in a separate section below.

Who are Papa Murphy's| A Brief Idea:

For those of you who have already tested this handmade take and bake pizza, the name of Papa Murphy's is enough for them for identification. But there are so many other readers who regularly visit our website and depend on our authentic source of information, they may be requiring some brief idea about Papa Murphy's. Papa Murphy's is a publicly held fast food restaurant chain based in Washington, united States and exclusively sell take and bake pizza. Most of the pizza they sell, are handmade. They also give you baking instructions which you need to follow at your home while baking the pizza in oven. The restaurant chain was founded in the year 1995 and since then it's been more than 22 years now papa Murphy's is serving millions of happy customers day in and day out and bringing smile on their face with delicious taste which one can find only in their Pizza and nowhere else. They have so many different varieties in their basket for you to choose from - thin crust, original traditional Pizza, heavy crust, stuffed pizza. The ingredients they use are always fresh with leaving no chance for you to complain. Unless you taste their Pizza you will not really understand why they are giving a cut-throat competition to some of the big shots in Pizza Market like dominoes and pizza Hut. But once you give it a try we are pretty sure that you will not have any other option except being impressed with the taste they serve you. With more than 1,500 operating locations around the United States of America and Canada and the revenue of $800 million, papa Murphy's is the fifth-largest pizza restaurant chain in the US.

Requirements that need to be fulfilled before you start any action:

Like every other online guest satisfaction survey, this Papa Murphy's survey also has some basic requirements to be fulfilled by the participants whoever is willing to complete it. In this section will be noting down those requirements one after another.

  • A computer or a laptop or a tablet device is required which will be used as a user interface medium.
  • A steady internet connection is required for accessing the official survey link that could be located at www.papasurvey.com

  • The most important part of this survey is the invitation code of Papa Murphy's which the entrant can find printed on his recent receipt. Apart from the invitation code this receipt will also provide you the store number that you have visited, the date of your visit and time also and how much total amount you had spent there. Keep this receipt handy in front of you.
  • You need to keep a pen with you also because at the end of the survey you will be given with a validation code which you need to write down on your receipt for future reference.
  • You are required to be proficient in English because that is the recognized language for communication in this survey.
  • There is no specific age criteria for participating in this online customer feedback survey which means whatever your age is, so long you are having a valid receipt of Papa Murphy's, you are eligible to take part in the feedback system.

Step by step guidance:

Hope in the above section we have been able to make the requirements very clear before you and now since you are fully equipped with all the necessary things - information, device, papers Etc. We can proceed further to know the detail steps as to how you can complete this online guest satisfaction survey in a hassle-free way. Without shifting your focus you just need to follow the below steps one after another.

  • Obviously the first thing you need to do is, switch on your computer or laptop or tablet device and connect it with a steady internet connection.
  • Open your browser in your device and visit the official survey link at www.papasurvey.com
  • The default welcome page will be loaded in English; you need to be proficient in understanding and responding in English because there is no other language option to choose from.
  • On the welcome page you will find two check box. Both of them are provided for identifying the store which you had visited. If you check the first box then you have to enter the store number which you could find on your receipt. If you are not having a store number then you should check the second box which will allow you to find the store by searching city-wise and state-wise. After checking the respective box click on next button.
  • On the next page, apart from identifying the store you had visited, you are also required to enter your date of visit from the drop down calendar. Then click on next again.
  • On the next page the system will reconfirm from you whether you had visited that particular store or not. Check the Yes box and click on next.
  • The next page will appear on your screen where you will be asked to mark your time of visit and to also Mark how you had placed your order. Check the appropriate boxes and click on next.
  • After this you'll be asked to provide information as to how often you place your order on Papa Murphy's. Mark your response and click on next.
  • From the next page you would be asked to rate their services. Give you a rating as per your own experience and while responding to their questions you should be mindful about one thing that what about you say it would be taken very seriously by the management during the process of finding out areas of improvement.
  • Once you are done with giving your ratings and responses through this online customer satisfaction survey, you'll be given a coupon code which you need to write down on your receipt. Be very careful about writing this coupon code because it will be provided to you only once and if you lose it you will actually lose your reward.
  • The next time when you visit Papa Murphy's store again you can redeem your coupon code with the reward that is written on your receipt itself.
  • Papa Murphy's sincerely request you to give your feedback from your own experience only and please do not try to attempt this survey on somebody else's behalf.


The rewards you can win by completing this digital media survey can vary from time to time and you will always find it written on your receipt that what you can win if you take part in the survey. Accordingly you can redeem your coupon code, which you will get after completing the survey, when you visit the Papa Murphy's store next time. It is pertinent to mention here that any coupon code can be redeemed only once. If it is written on your receipt that you can get certain percentage of discount if you complete the survey then with the coupon code you can avail that discount only once. Similarly if it is written on your receipt that you are eligible to get a free pizza crust on completion of the survey then with the coupon code you can get it only once. However, you can participate in the survey as many times as you want must be with different receipt.

Customer service helpline:

Papa Murphy's is known for its excellent customer service network. Their responses are very prompt and they hardly give you any chance to become disappointed.

  • You can reach them via phone on 1-844-620-2501
  • You can also reach them by email or by following their official account on social media (facebook, twitter etc)
  • If these channels are not working then you can also try the contact-us option on their official website www.papamurphys.com

Useful links:

Papa Murphy's official website: www.papamurphys.com

Papa Murphy's survey link: www.papasurvey.com


This online customer satisfaction feedback is a very simple survey which will take hardly 10 minutes to complete. It'll ask you some very common things like - how often do you place your orders on Papa Murphy's, whether you have got exactly the same thing which you had ordered, how attractive and clean have you found the store hours of Papa Murphy's, whether the operating staffs at the store were courteous towards you, how likely it is that you will recommend Papa Murphy's to your friends etc. So you are understanding quite well not responding to this survey is not a rocket science and on top of that it is also rewarding. So I strongly suggest you just hit the survey link, mark your ratings and responses and grab your freebies.

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