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www.paymdxtolls.com - Pay Your Mdx Toll Tax Online - Login Guide

Speeding up your car on a highway / expressway while you are on a vacation trip with your family or friends, is something that always excites you. But if that express way is a toll road and at every toll booth you have to pay cash, then your excitement is bound to come down because being an electronic age customer it is really disturbing for you to pay your toll by cash at every toll booth that you pass by. Thanks to Miami-Dade Expressway Authority toll by plate program (www.paymdxtolls.com) that allows the drivers to pay their toll electronically.

www.paymdxtolls.com at a glance:

  • The mdx tolls toll-by-plate program is postpaid service.
  • The mdx tolls electronic toll collection system is operated and maintained by Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.
  • The mdx tolls toll-by-plate is applicable to all the five "all electronic Expressway" in Florida - Gratigny Parkway, Airport Expressway, Dolphin Expressway, Don Shula Expressway and Snapper Creek Expressway.
  • Toll-by-Plate is a tolling system that works like SunPass without the transponder.
  • With a Toll-by-Plate account, drivers will not receive the SunPass discount on the MDX roads.

How www.paymdxtolls.com Toll-by-Plate program works?

  • A digital imaging system takes pictures of the vehicle's license plate as it travels through the tolling point. The license plate data provides the needed information to obtain the registered owner's address so an invoice can be generated and mailed by the end of the month since this program is a postpaid facility.
  • This process of capturing digital image to find out the registered address of the owner of the vehicle works the same way for both - drivers living in Florida and drivers coming in Florida from an outside state.
  • The owner receives separate invoice from each of the toll authorities for each vehicle that travels on their toll facilities. No consolidated invoice is generated by the toll authority even if the owner has more than one vehicle registered against his name.
  • Even if you are travelling by any rental car, most of the rental car providers have subscription to the www.paymdxtolls.com Toll-by-Plate program. So the invoice will be generated against the registered owner's name (the rental car provider in this case) and they will pay the bill but in turn they may charge you some extra bucks for the service provided.

Guide to login to www.paymdxtolls.com for using toll by plate program:

  • Visit the official landing page www.paymdxtolls.com
  • And yellow color pop-up window will appear on your screen.
  • Read the information carefully and click on - Click here to close this message and continue (placed at the bottom of the pop-up window).
  • Click on - login
  • Provide your registered license plate number.
  • Provide any one information among these three - your account number (A 12 digit number indicated on your notice) or your driver's license number or your notice number (displayed on your notice that you have received).
  • Click on - login

  • Enjoy the facility of paying your toll online.
  • Apart from paying your toll online, you can also manage your fleet of more than one vehicle through this online portal and check whether there is any hold on your vehicle registration or not because of non-payment of toll.

Dispute notice raised by www.paymdxtolls.com:

If you are disputing any notice raised against your name by www.paymdxtolls.com, you can send it to them -

By US mail:

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

PO Box 9036

Addison TX 75001-9036

By eMail:

Through the Contact Us section

By Fax:


MDX tolls customer service:

  • Service Center / Self-Service: 855-277-0848
  • General Mail Correspondence: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, PO Box 22826, Hialeah FL 33002-2826
  • Lock Box Address (Payments Only): Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, PO Box 865009, Orlando, FL 32886-5009.