www.subwaylistens.com - Take The Subway Listens Survey To Win Gifts

Store Survey

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www.subwaylistens.com - Take The Subway Listens Survey To Win Gifts

Store Survey

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If you want to taste the best submarine sandwich in the world, the first name that comes in your mind is Subway. And it is quite justified also because the flagship submarine sandwich and fresh salad are the two dishes that made Subway the number one fast food restaurant chain globally. While it is the fact that over the years Subway has served and is also serving its Global customers the best submarine sandwich, it is also important that subway requires practical and authentic feedback from the actual customers to keep the taste same without making any compromise on quality. Therefore, if you have been to any of the Subway outlet in recent past to taste their yummy dishes then it is time for you to come back with your opinion that will help Subway to improve upon the quality and service that they provide to millions of happy customers.

Who can take up the Subway Global Survey?

  • There is no demographic limitation or age restriction to participate in the Global Subway Survey.
  • Anyone who is an actual customer (visited any of the Subway outlet in recent past) can take part in the Global Subway Survey.
  • Only one thing should be kept in mind while giving your feedback, whatever you say about their food and service your opinion will be taken in a constructive way. So, please be positive and meaningful.
  • For taking part in the Global Subway Survey you will be requiring the actual purchase receipt that you have got during your recent visit to Subway outlet.

Information that are required from receipt for participating into Subway Global Survey:

  • Store number or Subway number - located at the top of your receipt (irrespective of whether your receipt is style-1 or style-2)
  • Date of your purchase (dd/mm/yyyy) - this information is also located at the top of your receipt.
  • Time of your visit to Subway - look at the right side where the date of your purchase is printed on your receipt and you will find the time of your visit is printed.
  • Term ID for Transaction Number - this is printed just above the portion where the ordering detail is starting (if your receipt is style-1) or in the middle segment of your receipt (if your receipt is style-2).

How do I launch the Subway Global Survey?

  • Simply visit the survey link www.subwaylistens.com
  • Enter your email address, re-enter your email address, enter your first name and last name.
  • Click on the Begin Survey button.

  • Provide the subway or store number, date of your visit, time of your visit and the Term ID or Trans No. Printed on your receipt. (if you need to see any sample for locating these information then please click the link provided there in)
  • Click on the Next button and follow the online instructions to complete this one minute survey online.
  • On completion of this global Subway online survey you will be provided with a happy code. Note down the code on your receipt immediately and on your next visit to Subway please show this code to the serving person for availing free offer.
  • The Global Subway survey is a one page online survey at the end of which one blank box is provided to express your opinion freely as to how you have experienced the Subway food and their service.

Points you must remember for Claiming Subway Global Survey Offer:

  • Your Subway purchase receipt is required to participate in to the survey.
  • Each Subway purchase receipt can only be used once to take part in the survey.
  • On completion of the survey you will be provided with a happy code.
  • You must not lose your offer code. So just be sure that you have written your offer code in a safe place before closing the survey.
  • On your next visit to any Subway outlet you must show your offer code to the serving person for availing the free offer (presently it is 21 ounce drink or 2 cookies free with the purchase of a wrap, salad, or panini).
  • The free offer will be valid until it expires as shown in the survey itself.
  • The offer code could not be redeemed on any kiosk purchase.

Contact information:

The Subway Group

c/o Franchise World Headquarters, LLC

325 Sub Way, Milford, CT, 06461, USA

Toll free number - 1-800-888-4848

Local contact number - (203) 877-4281

Email address - privacy@subway.com

About Subway:

The fastest growing privately held American fast food chain restaurant is undoubtedly the Global number 1. Subway primarily sales submarine sandwiches (perhaps the best submarine sandwich in the world) and fresh salad. With more than 42,000 Global outlet, subway is the largest single brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator in the world. Subway's international headquarters are in Milford, Connecticut and half of the total outlets of this restaurant operator is located in the United States only. Some locations of Subway also sale pizza.

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