www.talktosonic.com - Take Sonic Guest Satisfaction Survey To Win Prizes

Stores and Shopping Survey

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www.talktosonic.com - Take Sonic Guest Satisfaction Survey To Win Prizes

Stores and Shopping Survey

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Life has become very fast for us and in this fast paced life we all are a part of some kind of rat race. Forgot about middle age, even at a younger age we are so overburdened with stress dad most of us nowadays feel the necessity of morning workout to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Once we are back from our morning workout session, we will be in a hurry to become ready for our office and on the way to our office we will have to drop our children at their school. Then whole day we are busy again with lot of work pressure at workplace; and on our way back to home in the evening we will have to go to the market for buying some household goods or vegetables or meat. By the time we are back at home it will be around dinner time again; we will have our dinner and go to sleep to wake up early in the next morning again. This cycle keeps on repeating every day in our life and if we have to make some time for going out to a dinner with family or Friends, we need to plan for that well in advance. That's our present days life; so busy and so hectic. Given that scenario it is quite understandable why the types of drive-in restaurants are gaining popularity day by day.

A drive-in restaurant is a type of restaurant that mostly serves you fast foods, different types of fries in snacks and various kinds of drinks. So, it takes minimal time out of your busy schedule to have some food and over a chicken sandwich or burger and a Coca-Cola you can have an important discussion also with your friend whom you were planning to meet for long.

TalktoSonicSurvey | www.talktosonic.com : Today we will be talking about a survey which is short (so it will not take much time for you to complete), simple (you do not have to think very deeply to give you a response to this survey) and also rewarding (we guessed this motivates you enough as your time investment does not go in Vain). This survey is brought to you by sonic drive-in restaurant. We are really very excited to discuss various aspects of this survey and we promise to bring to your knowledge every possible minute detail about the sweepstakes in the shortest and simplest possible form. Through various sections of this article we will be talking about the sweepstakes in general; we will give you a fairly clean idea about the conductor of the sweepstakes (sonic drive-in); the rewards that you can benefited with from this survey; the basic requirements which you should possess for taking up the survey; the do's and don'ts of the survey through the official rule and also we will guide you step by step as to how you can complete this survey in the most efficient and hassle-free way.

TalktoSonic Survey | www.talktosonic.com

Important points to be noted:

  • This survey is 100% free to participate
  • This is simple, short and rewarding in nature
  • The purpose of this survey is to enhance the service offered by sonic drive-in restaurant
  • The surveys is to be completed within 14 days since you last visited sonic drive-in
  • On successful completion of the survey you get a free sonic route 44

About the talktosonic survey | www.talktosonic.com

Do you know what is the simplest way to touch the heart of a person? Well, the easiest way two Heart of a person goes through his tummy. If you can make him feel satisfied while having food at your store then you can be very sure about one thing that you have on one marketing face who will whisper your name to his friends, families and acquaintances; that too without any charge to you. On the other hand if your customer does not feel your service to be value for money, he will spread all the negative things possible whoever he meets with. Every restaurant franchisee and fast food store knows this very clearly. That is why they are always putting effort to convert every guest into a happy customer. Sonic drive-in is not an exception. They also want to hear it from you how it feels when you visit any Sonic drive-in restaurant, whether the food was tasty and of the quality that you expect, were the Staffs courteous to you and have they served you with smile, do you feel like visiting the restaurant very soon again and how likely you will recommend this restaurant to your friends and people you know. They are inviting you to share your experience with them which will then be analysed by their management to arrive at a decision whether the existing business policy is ok or they need to bring some change in it giving to the changing requirements of the customers. So what are you waiting for? Open your web browser, the survey link, give your response to the questionnaire and get rewarded. The official survey link could be located at www.talktosonic.com

What do you require?

  • A computer or a laptop or a tablet device through which you can access the official survey link.
  • A steady internet connection for connecting your device.
  • Your browser should we java enabled and updated.
  • To be eligible to participate in this survey, you must be of 18 years of age or older.
  • The recent receipt, which you have got from your last visit to Sonic drive-in restaurant, is required because some important information like the restaurant number, the date and time of your visit etc. are required to be entered for starting the survey. So please keep your recent receipt of Sonic drive-in ready in front of you.
  • Your basic information like your name, mailing address, city of residence, zip code etc. are required to be provided into the system for completing the survey.
  • You should be proficient in either English or in Spanish because these are the two languages in which you can complete the survey.
  • Since this survey is all about sharing your experience with the company, you should be able to recall your last experience when you recently visited sonic drive-in restaurant.

How to proceed for completing talktoSonic guest satisfaction survey?

If you are ready with the basic requirements which we have mentioned in the previous section, then you are ready to take the survey. Now in this section we will guide you how you can proceed with the talktoSonic guest satisfaction survey in a step-by-step manner. Follow the steps one after another and you are through for being rewarded by Sonic drive-in restaurant.

  • Switch on your computer or laptop or Tablet through which you want to take up this survey.
  • Connect your device to a steady internet connection.
  • Open your web browser in your device and type the official survey link www.talktosonic.com into the URL section.

  • The default welcome page will load in English; if you are not conversant with english then you can choose Spanish as your preferred language by clicking the appropriate link given there in.
  • On the welcome page you will find one field is given for entering an ID number. This ID number you will be able to locate at the bottom of your receipt. Enter the ID number and click on the start button.
  • The system will now direct to the next page where you will find the actual survey questionnaire.
  • Read the question carefully; give your ratings or response against each question taking one at a time.
  • This is a very short and simple survey where you will be asked to give your ratings or responses against various questions - satisfaction level as a customer, ease of ordering the menu, whether you liked the menu, are the services good or bad, whether the staffs at Sonic drive-in greeted you courteously, how frequently do you visit sonic drive-in restaurant and when are you planning for your next visit etc.
  • Provide your basic information like your full name, your mailing address, your city of residence, your zip code etc.
  • While responding to the questions please be mindful about one thing that you are answering different questions from your own experience and the feedback is not Biased by any means.
  • You must also ensure that you are answering on your own and do not try to attempt the survey on someone else's behalf.

Contact Information for Talk To Sonic Survey:

For the following and other information related to it. If you have any query and if you want to contact them in the main then you need the contact address for other info:

Contact Details:

  • Sonic Drive-In
  • 300 Johnny Bench Dr.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
  • The United States

Call: 1-866-657-6642

Useful links:

Sonic drive-in restaurant website: www.sonicdrivein.com

Sonic drive-in guest satisfaction survey link: www.talktosonic.com


When you go for a dine out with your friends or family your primary concern is to make them feel happy because unless they are happy, your effort is not appreciated. And if you find them satisfied you realize whatever you have spent it was really worth of it. Therefore, if the food of the store is not fresh or if it is not tasty or if the store is not maintained with required hygiene or if the service personnel are ignorant towards the customer, you should not hide it within yourself once for all. Given an opportunity to speak your heart out you should always bring those areas of improvements to the notice of the company so that they can organise the things properly and next time when you visit the same store you will not at least have the same disappointment again. Hence we strongly suggest you to take up this guest satisfaction survey conducted by Sonic drive-in restaurant and get rewarded with Sonic route 44.

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