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www.targetpayandbenefits.com - How to gain access to the employee benefits portal of Target Corporation?

With passing days, the concept of managing big corporate houses has changed a lot which you will get to see the reflection in the change of their working culture. There was a time when the employees used to put the company first before anything else but the concept and culture has changed completely with changing time and now rather the company puts their human resource before everything else.

Having said this, perhaps you are already familiar with many company's employee benefit web portal but if you are not already then let me brief you a little bit. Employee benefit web portal is a digital platform made available by the employer for the staff members and offices of the company where all the benefits, provide by the employer, are listed out and along with this a detailed guideline is also provided for the employee to understand how they can avail those company provided benefits. In this article, when will talk about employee benefit web portal of Target Corporation for the next few minutes.

Major things that you can do on www.targetpayandbenefits.com :

  • This digital platform is made for three Types of primary benefits - financial benefits meant for the employees, health benefits and pay and leave benefits.
  • Financial benefits - life Insurance coverage for protecting yourself and your family members; short term and long term disability benefits; you can hire a lawyer from a wide network of legal practitioners who are empaneled by the company; the company matches your contribution for 401K retirement benefit plan; you also get facility of pension scheme provided by Target Corporation on completion of minimum service requirement.
  • Health benefits - under the medical plan you can choose between health reimbursement account and health savings account; you get covered under the vision plan where you can get your eyes checked regularly and if you wear glasses you can also get the cost of the same covered under this plan; 100% coverage for your preventive Dental Care Services; maternity support program allows you to get access to an experienced Maternity nurse.
  • Pay and Leave benefits - you can get your paycheck delivered online; you can apply for Time off through this portal; this employee benefit portal also allows you to apply for paid family leave and if your relocated by way of transfer, you also get relocation benefit from the company.
  • Other benefits - if you have taken any job oriented course for carrier upliftment then you can get the cost reimbursed by the company; you can also get your student loan refinanced; many other benefits are there at Target Corporation like credit Union, fitness discounts, wellness discounts, auto Insurance discount, Home Insurance discount to name a few.

How to gain access to www.targetpayandbenefits.com ?

  • There are two ways you can gain access to target benefits employee portal - login by using your target ID number and password or login using your selected user ID number and password that you had created during registration to this web portal.
  • Target ID number and password is the login credential that you commonly used for logging into any target application or computer.
  • But if you want to login to your employee web account by using your selected user ID number and password, then you have to register first.
  • After you have made your setup ready and got it connected to internet, open your browser and visit www.targetpayandbenefits.com
  • The page will be loaded in English and on the top right corner of the page you will see "Log On" button. Click that.
  • On the next page, you will get to see a link for registration provided below the log on button (new user?). Click on the button.

  • Before you start the registration process, you will have to identify yourself by providing year social security number (last 4 digit only) and your date of birth.
  • Once your identity is confirmed by the system, you can proceed further to complete your registration process wherein you will be able to select user id and password of your own choice. Write it down at a secure place.
  • Once you are done with the registration process, get back to the login page.
  • Enter your user id and password that you have just selected during your registration process and get into your employee benefit web portal account.

What if I forget my login credential for www.targetpayandbenefits.com ?

  • On the secure login page, below the log on button, a dedicated link has been provided for recovering your login credential (forgot user ID or password ?).
  • On clicking the link, you will be redirected to another page where you need to identify yourself first by providing the last 4 digits of your social security number and your date of birth.
  • Post that you need to follow the online instructions to retrieve your lost login credentials (user id or password).
  • If you still need any help you can call the target benefit center number on 800-828-5850.

Target benefit center contact:

  • Toll free number - 800-828-5850
  • International number - 847-883-0433

Conclusion :

Now a days, the concept of managing big corporate houses has completely changed and the companies provide lot of perks and benefits to their employees in order to retain highly efficient workforce. For an employee, who is always dedicated for the growth and profit of the company, it is not always possible to run to his HR manager to get a detail about all the benefits provided by the company for employee well-being and hence this type of employee benefit portal is a big effort by target Corporation to give access to all the benefits they provide for their employees.

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