​www.tellgamestop.com - Take GameStop Survey To Win $100

Stores and Shopping Survey

by Survey Tab Admin 891 Views comments

​www.tellgamestop.com - Take GameStop Survey To Win $100

Stores and Shopping Survey

by Survey Tab Admin 891 Views comments

Video game industry is a more than $30 billion industry. Over a long time it has become matured to transform itself from being a focused industry to a mainstream industry. As the urbanization is taking place at a faster rate, day by day we are losing more free space for playing around and it is creating a void within ourselves where we feel the urge of relaxing - in a field with the baseball bat in our hand or maybe by playing Soccer with friends. But unfortunately we do not have so much of free space for playing which we had some 25 to 30 years back. This is the void where video game is making a permanent place in our life schedule. Now whether it's good or it's bad for us is altogether as separate matter for discussion. Here in this article our aim is to bring to you exciting offers and sweepstakes, as you always do with our best effort, which is taking round in the market and can benefit you unexpectedly high.

About that tellGameStop survey:

GameStop is organizing an online sweepstakes for all of its customers and admirers. If you are a legal resident of The United States of America including district of Columbia and Puerto Rico then you are very much eligible to take part in this sweepstakes - doesn't matter whether you have purchased any game from GameStop store or not. Even if you have not purchased anything from GameStop then also you can participate in this sweepstakes through email entry. The aim of this online survey is to get honest and candid feedback from those of you who either have an experience of buying something from GameStop Store or have not purchased anything from GameStop but are quite aware of their variety, pricing etc. Remember your last shopping experience; whenever you are inside a game store you will get to see so many different varieties of video games around you; some of which you may have already played the previous version and some are all together new for you. But if you get a little guidance about those games from the store assistant, it becomes easier for you to decide and choose the game you want to play and if you do not get this kind of assistance you will feel little disappointed surely. Keeping in mind all these various aspects of serving the customers with different variety of latest video games, GameStop has brought this online customer satisfaction survey for you where in you can share your experience of shopping with GameStop; help them in understanding the changing requirements of the new age customers and accordingly they will give their best effort to arrange the cart so that you always get the updated and latest version of video games. The official sweepstakes link could be found at www.tellgamestop.com

About GameStop corporation:

GameStop Corporation is a publicly held American retailer that sells video game, consumer electronics and wireless services. The company is headquartered in Texas, united States. Outside United States it has operations in the entire Europe, Australia and New Zealand also. They have more than 7,200 operating stores throughout the United States of America, new Zealand, Australia and Europe. The company's retail stores primarily operate under the brand name of GameStop, Think geek and EB Games. Unlike other players in the market there is something very unique to GameStop. They allow the customers to sell their old consumer electronics at the store and give them credit against those old items which can be redeemed during buying a new one. This buy and sell method is so popular among the customers that GameStop gives more than $1 billion credit against the old consumer electronics goods annually at their stores. Their stated mission is to make consumer electronics and video games purchases affordable for all. The company was founded in the year 1984 which makes it 34 years that GameStop has converted millions of guests into their happy customers. The company has a total revenue of $9 billion of which the total assets are valued at $5 billion.

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How you can participate in the sweepstakes?

There are two ways to take part in this sweepstakes - online participation by using your recent receipt of GameStop and participation through email entry.

A) Online entry:

Visit the official survey link at www.tellgamestop.com any time during the term and participate in the survey by using your recent receipt of GameStop.

If you do not have any purchase invoice or receipt of GameStop you can simply visit the official website www.gamestop.com and click on the sweepstakes link provided there in; register with your personal details like your name, address, phone number and email and then click on the submit button.

B) Mail-in entry:

If you do not want to participate online there is an alternate way for you. You can be a part of this also through mail in entry. Print your name, mailing address, phone number and email ID on a postcard and mail it to www.tellgamestop.com at the below mentioned address

TellGameStop.com Sweepstakes Entry,

625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437

Terms and conditions of eligibility:

Like every other sweepstakes or lucky draw or survey being conducted online, this online guest satisfaction survey also has a very well defined set of rules of which terms and conditions of eligibility is an important part to be read very carefully and thoroughly before participating into this sweepstakes.

  • Neither a purchase is necessary to be eligible nor is any purchase going to increase your chance of winning.
  • The sweepstakes is open for all the legal residents of United States of America including District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • The entrants must be of 18 years of age or more to be eligible for taking part in to the sweepstakes.
  • The tellgamestop.com sweepstakes is open from 1st April 2018 till 31st March 2019. A separate sweepstakes will be held every calendar month.
  • The entrants are required to be proficient either in English or in Spanish because these are the only two languages for communication if you want to complete this survey.
  • Sponsors and its affiliate companies are not to be held responsible for any inaccurate entries, human error or technical malfunction.
  • While attempting to complete this survey you should keep in mind that you responses and ratings should not reflect any biasness in any manner whatsoever.
  • It is also pertinent to mention that the entrant should try to complete this online survey from his own experience and should not try to attempt on somebody else's behalf.
  • Only one entry is allowed per person - be it through online or be it through mail in entry.
  • Employees of GameStop Inc and its affiliated companies and their immediate family members are restricted from participating in this sweepstakes.

How do you proceed to complete tellgamestop.com sweepstakes?

So far we have given you a fair idea about the sweepstakes being conducted by GameStop Inc and also we have discussed about the terms and conditions of the survey in a point wise manner. While we think this might be enough for now for you to have a clear image, we also recommend you to read the official sweepstakes rule by clicking the appropriate link provided at the bottom of this article. So now let's move on to our next course of action. This section of the article will guide you how you can complete the tellgamestop.com online survey by following the steps one by one.

  • Switch on your computer or laptop or Tablet device and connect it to a steady internet connection.
  • Open your web browser and type www.tellgamestop.com in the URL section on the top portion of your browser.
  • The default page will load in English; at the bottom portion of the page you will find two different tabs for choosing your Preferred language of communication - choose either English or Spanish whichever suits you.

  • On clicking the Preferred language tab you will be redirected to a new page. On the left hand side of this page a prototype image of receipt of GameStop store is uploaded for your better understanding as to how you can find the required information from your receipt. Locate the associate number printed on top of your receipt and then locate the survey number printed at the bottom of your receipt; enter them into the respective fields and click on start button for beginning the actual survey.

  • If you are not in position of any receipt of GameStop Store then you should click on the tab provided just below the start button where it is written " do not have any receipt?"
  • You will then be redirected to another page where you need to choose your state, city and the store number that you had last visited - all from the dropdown menu. Then click on the submit button and you will be taken to the actual survey page.

  • This survey asks you whether you have found the varieties at GameStop store to be good or they need some improvement into their menu, when you were at any GameStop Store whether the store assistant guided you with his knowledge to choose the right game for you in the shortest possible time or you had to spend a lot more time for going through the ocean of varieties available, how frequently do you look for new video games available in the market, how often you visit GameStop Store for checking on the updated version of games and consumer electronics which have just arrived etc.
  • On completion of this survey you will be asked to provide your personal details like your name, your complete mailing address, your phone number and your email ID so that if you become a lucky winner the sponsor and its affiliated companies can contact you.


GameStop, Inc., 625 Westport Parkway, Grapevine, TX 76051


The sponsor will Award 25 winners in total with each winner being awarded a $100 e-gift card each month during the term of the sweepstakes. The approximate retail value of each e-gift card is $100 which can be redeemed at any GameStop store during your next visit. The award is limited to only one prize per winner and no more than stated number of awards will be available for winning.

The independent sweepstakes administrator:

The US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Company, 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625.

Useful links:

GameStop Inc official website: www.gamestop.com

TellGameStop official survey page: www.tellgamestop.com

The official sweepstakes rules: www.onlinekmc.com/Downloads/CustomDownloads/GameStopGCSweeps_Rules.pdf


Almost all of us are living in a digital age life. Video games have already taken the permanent place in our daily schedule of life and consumer electronics are inseparable part of our daily life. We keep on trying different games, different gadgets, varieties of consumer electronics. Which some we get satisfied while the others make us disappointed heavily. Therefore given an opportunity we should always try to share our experience with the company who is selling those products in the market so that the company gets the message very clearly whether their products are doing good or need some improvement and summarily this is the reason why we always encourage our readers to take on this kind of surveys for sharing their experience.

We are more than happy that you stayed with us throughout the whole article and you read it full till the end. As always we have tried all possibilities to bring even the minutest details about the online sweepstakes before you while also making it quite brief so that you don't lose your patience in the Midway. We would also love to hear from you what you have felt so I request you please feel free to write your opinions in the comments section below. Keep visiting our website regularly for this sort of attractive and stimulating article.